Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Welcome to the DEEP Blog! This blog exists to report the activities and interests of DEEP, a club of students at Bullard High School, in Fresno, California (Fresno Unified School District).

DEEP focuses on the deep questions about life, the universe and everything. Sometime's it's even controversial! The next few posts that appear will focus on the results of the club's poll. Here are the questions that appeared in the poll, administered to 397 students last month:

1) Who should have a say in the decision to have an abortion?

The father
The mother
The government

2) Do you think pills (even when prescribed) are overused? (They seem to be the answer to everything these days. "Are you feeling depressed? Take this pill.")

Yes. Drugs are used way too much to solve problems.
No. Drug use isn’t a problem, period.
Prescription drugs are only a problem if they are abused.

3) Is there a need for religion/belief?

Yes, all humans need to believe something
For some people, yes, but not for me
No, nobody has to believe anything

4) Putting aside religious beliefs, is homosexuality a problem?

No, it shouldn’t be a problem for anyone
It doesn’t bother me personally
Being gay is a problem, no matter how others feel about it

5) Should religion be taught in school? If so, which religions?

My religion, which is _____________, should be taught in school
Students should learn about different religions and beliefs

Religion is a personal matter and shouldn’t be discussed, period

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::Tera:: said...

i think that this is very interesting results. i thought that the mother and the father would be more even than it is.