Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Here's the first question in last quarter's poll, administered to 397 students:

1) Who should have a say in the decision to have an abortion?

The father
The mother
The government

And the results:*

A The mother (285) 71.2%
B The father (125) 31.5%
C The government(36) 0.9%
D Other (21) 0.5%
E None / no response 0.5%

* Note: students were free to select more than one response

Some sample comments from various students on this question:

"I am strongly against abortion thus I give my trust to the government bcause if a mom had the decision she would most likely be for abortion if she wasn't married and then she would fool around again. The father would almost for certain wish to kill the child for if it was born he would have to give money to support it. I can not imagine killing a baby that is living inside someone. That is murder and wrong. People say that abortion is meant to save the mom from dying but that is rarely the case. The problem is stupid teenagers thinking that they can handle the real world. Obviously, they can't."

"I believe that abortions are okay when there is a need to. If the mother had a chance of dying because of child birth, an abortion should be allowed. It should also be allowed for rape victims. But, if a woman just randomly goes around having sex, she doesn't deserve to have the baby aborted and should instead give birth and put the child up for adoption. This is why mothers should chooose if they want an abortion."

"I've personally delt w/this matter for myself...and as easy as it would be to say jus let the mother decide it isn't. Even tho the child isn't inside him the father has jus as much as an oppinion for the life of his child. It was a creation contributed from both parties and in the end the main choice lies w/the mother. The fathers opinion should make a large impact also. As for the government...they have absolutely nothing to do w/the reproductive actions of the two parties. They were not in the siutation or know whats going on and the time or circumstance. So quite honestly they should leave it alone and mind their own bisness."

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